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“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else can. Sport can awaken hope where there was previously only despair.”  (Nelson Mandela, 2000)

VISION of Sports Xross Training Academy

SXTA provides sports coaches to schools and is committed to MOTIVATING young people through high quality sports coaching and fitness in an INSPIRING environment. The COACHES within SXTA advocate fair play and encourage high standards of behaviour in a safe environment. The aim is to promote a healthy attitude for life through sport.

Vision for Coaching
SXTA allows sports coaches to gain valuable experience by delivering excellent sports sessions to the children. We provide the opportunity to gain knowledge to a wide range of sports and activities and through our professional development scheme, sports coaches will learn and benefit from the expertise of other members of the coaching staff. Depending on a coach’s individual needs and requirements, SXTA is a great starting point for anyone with an interest in sports coaching and with an opportunity to progress to more senior positions.
Coaches are encouraged to ensure that …

Create a positive and enjoyable experience for athletes at every training session

Motivate your athletes to learn how to motivate and maintain it themselves

Boost your athlete’s/team’s confidence in their own ability.

Create the right conditions for learning to happen and to find ways of motivating the athletes and/or team.

Most athletes and/or team are highly motivated and therefore the task is to maintain that motivation and to generate excitement and enthusiasm

Being that sports coach who works with people to develop their understanding and ability in a sport and to help develop them as people and/or team.

Being a coach has many roles to play: educator, trainer manager, innovator, friend and role model.

These roles can vary according to who the coach is working with and what the aims, ability, experience and age of the participants and/or team may be.

“A sports coach is someone who assists the learning and development of another person or team of people in order to improve their performance in a sport, and who supports the personal development of individuals using sport as a vehicle for change and development” Not Known